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Sometimes, however, she will tire of his eternal youthfulness – it’s as if she has an extra child in the house!

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And guess who’s going to have to do the compromising? The Cancer woman is a fixed sign, and she won’t budge from her life’s purpose.

The success or failure of this relationship therefore depends on how in love the Gemini man is.

For the Gemini man and Cancer woman, compatibility also means juggling their very different priorities.

For the Cancer woman, her home and family is her absolute top priority, every time. For him, however the top priority is to explore and to learn, and if that means uprooting the family to go and live in Guyana for a year, he’s cool with that. Compromise is of course essential, then, if Gemini man Cancer woman compatibility is to work out.

The Gemini man is uber-rational, with many diverse interests and a tendency to analyze everything in intellectual terms.

The Cancer woman, on the other hand, is a soulful creature, whose heart definitely rules her head.

For the Gemini man and Cancer woman, compatibility needs to forge these two very different ways of being, bringing the best of both to the partnership. The Gemini man can provide a lively and curious adventure to the Cancer woman, opening up doors she didn’t know existed, and encouraging her to make the most of her life.

The Cancer woman will, as we already know, take care of the Gemini man, but more than that, she can show him how not to be afraid of his emotions, and she can teach him that his instincts can be trusted.

You can rely on us for a boost of confidence, a helping hand or a last-minute rescue. We don’t sit on the sidelines; we’re those head quarterbacks, ready to win the big game. Expect intensity from us in relationships, and in every other aspect of our lives.


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