Funny intimidating things to say

I've been dabbling with 3d printer technology and game design, PM if you're curious. I prefer to call it world optimization." New: Tyndmyr has a game shop! All I remember is a guard giving the old man CPR, the guy who intimdated him claiming he was a healer and speaking gibberish so the other player could sneak out, and the old man waking up during said gibberish and panicking, only to be knocked out by the "ritual" he was performing. " [Mon May 18 2009] : (6) Gabriel: Gabriel smiles warmly. " [Mon May 18 2009] : (6) Gabriel: (his name is largely inconsequential.) [Mon May 18 2009] : (1) GM: "Jim." [Mon May 18 2009] : (6) Gabriel: "Well Jim" Gabriel says kindly "If you don't start being honest with me..." [Mon May 18 2009] : (1) GM: "Why do you want to go up there, anyways!? Not back to the village, you understand, but wherever you care to go after that." [Mon May 18 2009] : (6) Gabriel: "When is your relief coming? Takahashi no Onisan - The scariest Samurai alive Incarnum and YOU: a reference guide Soulmelds, by class and slot: Another Incarnum reference Multiclassing for Newbies: A reference guide for the rest of us My homebrew world in progress: Falcora And it is destroying an enormous amount of your income. A 10th level Wizard's spellbook is easily worth more than some dragon hordes.

The first Dn D game I ever ran, the players tried to intimidate an old man who ran the store they were in. so I said he acted so menacing that he gave the old merchant a heart attack. " [Mon May 18 2009] : (6) Gabriel: He changes to sudden fury, driving the sword into the ground between Jim's legs "I'M GONNA CUT YOU IN TWO! [Mon May 18 2009] : (6) Gabriel: I gently run the blade along his cheek. Even a basic 1st level Wizard's spellbook is worth, what, 3k?

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Funny intimidating things to say

I’m just one of those weird people who will drive if I know where I’m going/have been there before, but I’m just not much of a fan of it. People who are organized and so “together” and yet make it seem like that’s just how life is. Hate self check-out, but only b/c I’m lazy, and I have to admit that parallel parking is actually something I’m good at – inherited that talent from my dad. This is a great list 🙂 -Stairmaster…I’m about dead at 5 minutes…yet people say “I did it for 45 minutes yesterday at the gym”?!?!! (I learned LEGIT from my southern grandma)…and bread.

😉 Reply I feel the exact same way about Gywneth – I just can’t fathom her. I closed my account, but I keep getting invites from people. -When I visit next, I am going to make gravy with you so that you are never fearful again!

) LEONARDO LEADS, DONATELLO DOES MACHINES (THAT'S A FACT, JACK! Me: Hey There Hot Girl: Hey Me: I see your pregnant Hot Girl: Yeah, so.....

A few minutes pass and we continue talking about babies and children Hot Girl: O

" During any type of conversation, they will give you the strange look, if they insulted you, complimented you, or anything, you might also wanna throw about "So Im stupid now huh?


Kneeling down to the level of the steward, Blitzkranz turns his head back towards the clerics. He then pauses, tilts his head to the left, and shakes the man awake.

"Now, steward," he remarks, slowly, deliberately, drawing each word out. The village priest in the hamlet of Cryerie was a very smart man.

Or, I will slice your flesh until you do, and tonight I will feed once more on human flesh. if he killed your loved one, he wouldn't mind killing you... I want to devour you, and bring the jerky back to the clutch. The Knight and the Paladin were doing a completely ineffectual job of it, so, as the social-oriented Rogue, I finally shooed them out of the room so I could work. You might also know me as 'the guy who just knocked that guy out with one punch'. I started getting creative in a Savage Worlds campaign, we were trying to rescue hostages from slavers, and this is what I came up with [Mon May 18 2009] : (5) Gabriel: Gabriel sighs and crouches down.

I leave the choice entirely up to you." "You want to know something interesting? Sometimes cinematic effects are enough, like last night we were beating the crap out of some beefy dockland mugger, and I pelted him straight in the nose. After closing the door behind them, I turned back to our prisoner, pulled one of the plain old steel daggers I kept secreted about my person, and said to her, "Now that they're gone, we'll get down to business. I just wanted to let you all know that I'm currently accepting challenges." Remember how I was wishing for the peace of oblivion a minute ago? That hasn't exactly changed with more knowledge of the situation. See, you are bothering me very much, because the intimidations you use are all the sorts of things vicious men say to people. " *sigh* *draws knife* "I honestly, and truly wish you could have come up with something" A lot of it is about reluctance, and leaving the details to the imagination. Make it seem like what you are going to do is actually causing you discomfort, and they'll start gibbering like mad! [Mon May 18 2009] : (5) Gabriel: "I don't like killing, its not something I enjoy." [Mon May 18 2009] : (5) Gabriel: "And the idea of killing someone who is helpless, unarmed, and afraid, really leaves a bad taste in my mouth." [Mon May 18 2009] : (1) GM: "Le-le-let me go." [Mon May 18 2009] : (1) GM: ok, hold up, Nick cut out [Mon May 18 2009] : (6) Gabriel (enter): [Mon May 18 2009] : (6) Gabriel: Gabriel rests his blade on the bandits neck, and stares him straight in the eye. " [Mon May 18 2009] : (6) Gabriel: "That's not a very good answer.

You are going to tell me how many guards there are here currently. Now, I'm going to ask you a question for one minute. The next three hours of your life can be the most miserable, or you can tell me what I want right now and be sent back to your cell where no one will touch you. "Didn't hurt." Evasion Mettle Breath of the Waves graft.

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