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A nuchal translucency scan (also called first trimester of pregnancy screening) is carried out during weeks 11–13 of a pregnancy.

The scan uses ultrasound to screen for Down syndrome, or other chromosomal or inherited conditions in the foetus.

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Nurses and midwives and doctors, they usually are very good.

It is just that sometimes, perhaps for over work, overload of work, or problems of limitations of funds, or whatever, they tend to, you know, be a bit stressed and forget a bit that, you know, that's not only one patient in front of the long queue but a person.

The radiology facility where you are having the ultrasound will provide you with information about this.

It is a good idea to wear comfortable clothing that gives easy access to your lower abdominal area.

Yes, healthcare professionals can do a lot just by, you know - I think they do it great here, I am not criticising.

I think from what I have seen, people are really great.

At this stage, the foetus is too small to have a very detailed examination of its body structure: this is usually carried out at around 18 weeks, when the foetus is larger.

The nuchal translucency must be measured accurately, and can sometimes be difficult to obtain using an abdominal ultrasound scan because of the position of the foetus.

And so, you know, the specialist in eyes says, 'This is an eye' and he doesn't see the rest of the person, and that's for all the specialities.

I think it's very, very, very important for everybody who works in health care, whatever you do, to always remember that you have a person there, and that, you know, the fact that you know a bit more in that particular area doesn't make you superior or better to that other person.

If screening does identify a possible risk, it does not necessarily mean there is an abnormality present, but does mean that further testing is necessary.

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