Christian mingle dating scams

The two met on the Christian dating site Christian Mingle, but it could have just as well have been on any of the most popular Christian dating sites such as; Christian Lifestyle, Catholic Mates, Christian Connection or Christian Dating for Free.

They had been in contact via the internet for months and the person the victim met invested hours and hours of time sending her messages, winning her trust and love before asking her for money.

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All of the scammers talk of their love and relationship with Christ is nonsense the words are aimed at winning their prey’s trust and to make their victims think they have met a kindred spirit who they can believe in.

Ironically most of the scammers are based in the high muslin region of West Africa, so the person who has contacted somebody on a Christian dating site might not even be another Christian.

Bourland further explained that the woman only has a "1 percent" chance retrieving the missing $300,000 because "it's just impossible to track down," and federal authorities don't pursue cases under $1 million.

Christian is among the top dating sites for Christian singles searching for someone to share their lives with.

A resent example of scammers targeting Christian dating sites uncovered is highlighted below: A man calling himself Edward Bregers who claimed was a US citizen working abroad, conned a Christian woman in her 30s out of $30,000.

The woman, who later reported the matter to the authorities and who lived in North Carolina was deviated by what happened to her.

The Fidelity Check, welcomes Christians and members of all other faiths from all over the US and the world and encourages people to register any person they have met on the internet or Christian dating site.

Once the person has been registered Kim’s team of ex Scotland Yard detectives get to work seeing if anything is known about the person with other members.

The scammers (men and women) steal information and photographs from other parts of the internet to create fake profiles with personality characteristics they think Christians will find attractive.


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