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The chemical / carbon filter software programme is designed to help users and design engineers estimate the lifetime and efficiency of chemical / carbon filters against specific target gases at given concentrations.

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Our efforts in this area confirm what we have been doing for almost half a century: spreading sustainability to our customers by providing air filtration products with the lowest energy consumption and LCC, while improving the environment, human health and productivity.

We are proud that no other air filtration manufacturer has achieved a track record similar to ours when it comes to sustainability.

The newly merged Camfil Farr group is a leading supplier of heavy-duty filtration and noise control equipment for major power generating and offshore operators worldwide.

For over 30 years, Industrifilter has been known as a strong and reliable global supplier of filtration and acoustic packages for turbomachinery. The supply of filtered combustion and ventilation air offshore is a technical challenge.

Offshore filter systems are designed to clean process and ventilation air on stationary and floating platform installations.

High-efficiency filters clean the air and help ensure the reliability, efficiency and operating economy of the process.Prefilter / Coalescer: the prefilter / coalescer, normally in one combined stage, of type Hi-Cap G4 or 30/30WR, is a prefilter with synthetic filtermedia.Beside being a prefilter with high dust holding capacity (DHC) for long filter life, it also act as a coalescer, removing the smallest droplets which are not knocked-out by the droplet separator.The final stage filter Cam GT has been developed for use under high humidity conditions. Air cleaning takes place in three stages: Weather Protection: a weather hood prevents wet snow and large droplets from entering the air intake.A Cam Vane droplet separator (a vertical vane medium velocity inertial vane separator) removes the small droplets from the air stream and provides with its high water handling capacity an optimum weather protection.We have two different types of filter systems for offshore application.


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