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While other news organizations have issues too, they are not as bad as CNN problems.

Also, it was awkward when that British journalist said (when speaking about accents), that if Suzanne went to Australia, she can get any men she wants.

It made me realized how heteronormative (sp) society is.

I would like to see her have a show like 'The Situation Room' or something like that. I recently read an interview with Suzanne about her changing assignments at CNN.

She stated that being a journalist has required her to make a lot of sacrifices in her life and that she has had to give up a lot to have this career.

I see what you mean about journalists marrying and having children, and also traveling the world.

I guess we can speculate on her post change, and it can be anyone's guess.

So it seems that her colleagues are able to have a career in journalism and still be married and have children. I am currently watching CNN expecting to see Suzanne since this is her time-slot but because President Obama is visiting Ground Zero, CNN deemed this too important to let Suzanne cover it, and now they have Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper.

Made me wonder if Suzanne leaving the White House correspondent post to be the current newsreader was really an update or a downgrade.

Suzanne's brother Courtney Malveaux was the state Assistant Attorney General here in Virginia.

He is now Commissioner of the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry. Was it me of did Suzanne looked bored and uninterested today?

Prior to joing CNN, she was on NBC.r48, It will be interesting to see where she goes after this.


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